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LST Varistor

LST Series SPD Thermally Protected Varistor

Ideal for Type 1 and Type 2 SPD devices used in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications

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Reed Relays

New Reed Relays

Offer Reliable Switching of AC and DC Small Signal to High Voltage Loads.

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Hartland Controls

Littelfuse Acquires Hartland Controls

Hartland Controls is a manufacturer and leading supplier of electrical components used primarily in HVAC/R and other industrial applications

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1 Amp Fault Protected Solid State Relay

1 Amp Fault Protected Solid State Relay

Ideal for smart homes, building automation, instrumentation, and battery powered applications

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CSE Award

PSR High-Speed Fuse Line Wins CSE’s Award

New bladed high-speed fuse series has taken the silver award in the Electrical category in Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s 2020 Product of the Year program

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Low Rho series

PolySwitch Low Rho SMD PPTC

Added 23 new ratings to the existing product line, making it the broadest PPTC portfolio available

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New SCCR Video

Learn the steps for calculating and increasing the SCCR in your panel.

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